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After years of working as a big agency, we decided
the new economy needed a new approach.

So we created a team of highly skilled
content marketing and product development
strategists and creatives, amplified by
some of the best designers and writers we know.


Big strategic thought. No big agency overhead.
A hand-cultivated team with the necessary creative skills and passion for your project.
Amazing creative, yes…but with a purpose. This is marketing after all.
A better, more collaborative outcome with quicker execution (to meet the voracious appetite for fresh content).
People who genuinely care about the work. We want (you + us) to be proud of what we’ve accomplished.


We collaborate with you, taking on your ROI, brand and marketing objectives as if they were our own. From that we create impossibly imaginative custom content and editorial plans that engage your fans & followers.

Our speciality: Content that motivates creative usage of your products and services through education, inspiration, entertainment and community. (You even get to play creatively. It always makes it better in the end, and puts the ‘fun’ back into your work week.)


That’s because we won’t take on any project work that we can’t devote ourselves to or believe in.


Services include editorial planning, content creation (via multidisciplinary medias: video, email, web, social media & print), and brand storytelling . We also offer retail product development. To discuss your project, please contact us at

Shannon Cole, HP

“Working with Crush for the last 2 years I’ve learned that fun and ‘work’ do go together. The team there strikes a great balance between creative brainstorming and quick execution which is so valued when you work on email content which continually needs to be updated and fresh. Their insights combined with our business objectives help to drive our success. We partner with Crush because delivering on time and within budget are priorities for us…the fact that they are so fun to work with is just a bonus. ”

What does it means to be the social voice for a brand?

It’s a mash-up of publisher, tour guide, analyst, relationship builder, and creativity advocate. We’re socialites, really.

Responsible for creating and managing content launches defined by a strategic editorial calendar, determined by the following: 

Business goals – % of revenue-generating content vs. % of engagement/loyalty content.

Target persona  – Engagement, expansion, and consumer lifecycle (first 30 days, relationship management, awareness & consideration, selection & purchase).

Lifestyle events – Brand/showcase events, holidays, and pop cultural events.

Featured products and services – The best retail experiences are communal, where shoppers can share experiences, get news & ideas, receive education, and escape. Content and Call-to-Action can live harmoniously together.

Communication vehicles – .com, blog, email, social media, podcast, app, etc. (including usage preferences per target). Guest blogging and Community publishing- Align upcoming releases with other experts in your community—builds credibility and shared interests.

Content secret sauce – The best editorial is a mix from these 4 categories: Inspiration, Education, Entertainment, and Community (sharing/participation in conversation). The medium depends on what’s right for the message—photo, video, animation, article, DIY…and usability (PC, mobile device).

Internal – Advocacy begins at home—within your team of influencers. We’re here to help you articulate the concept, provide ongoing anecdotal information in combination with analyzing metrics for concise, consumable results to keep the fire and excitement burning.

Advocacy for the brand – We’re an exclusively focused, powerhouse team of experts that handpicks a select group of client projects—so we’re not just packaging and reselling to others in your field. We originate.


Authorship and management of the Web of Influence:

Heat the core – Find the most active consumers and transform them into brand fans is one half. The other is recruiting experts in the creative conversation outside of the brand environment. They legitimize the brand as a thought leader, and enable member expansion. Both will entertain and convert more passive (and more expensive to reach) members on the brand’s behalf.

Connect-the-dots – Think of each communication vehicle as a layer of the conversation (e.g., your blog, twitter). When those layers are pressed together, they must tell a cohesive story.

Leverage – Leveraging allows the brand to receive the best value possible from each launch, plus smaller content excerpts act as bread crumb trails to larger initiatives.

Seek popularity by testing -Monitoring popularity is key to understanding engagement levels and the type of content that resonates with each target persona. Through consistent tests, starting with high-value segments, we’re able to further refine, personalize, and strengthen future launches, making them more valuable to your fan base.



Brand: 8 years of marketing & product marketing at HP. Entrepreneur: Founding team of PrintPaks Inc. sold to Mattel in 3 years. Agency: 15 years crafting successful creative teams: Crush, Curiosity Group & Scout Creative. Product Dev: 5 years creating photo and stationery products for major retail. Keynote presenter at PMA: Worldwide community of Imaging Associations.


Crush Creative: VP Digital Strategy CBS Television: Director of Interactive Media. Paramount Domestic Television: Director of New Media, Advertising & Promotion. Walt Disney Studios: Assistant to Executive VP of The Walt Disney Studios. Best job ever (except now): Tour Guide for Universal Studios. Avid Hobbyist Photographer and erratic Travel Blogger.


Art Direction. Graphic Design. Illustration. Pug Lover.


Jack-of-all trades. Production designer. Copywriter. Idea guy. Trouble.

Kookie Roo

5-year old African Grey Parrot. Intelligence of a 5 year-old child. Hilariously funny conversationalist. Loves Cheddar Bunnies & having her tummy tickled. Favorite TV show: Scooby-Doo!


Instantaneous love-at-first-sight. Infatuation. Fatal attraction. Puppy love. Desire for something extremely special.

Hand chosen designers and writers

Just a few of the folks we’ve been working with lately... Lori Wemple Steve Klinetobe Kris Travis Dawn Jasper Stacey Meacham Photo credit: Filtran, flickr

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