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When we first started our creative company, we envisioned a world where curiosity, childlike wonder, and imagination ruled.

A world right behind the wall, beyond the plaster, beyond the wood and studs. If you could peel back the wall, what would you find?

A world we could only create and believe in as children. Where imaginary friends were our dearest companions (a person or creature with whom one spends a lot of time or with whom one travels), as we adventured forth into new worlds, where we battled fierce foes, and won our hearts greatest wish or desire.

We still try and use that level of imagination in the creative work we do.

And since, we have found evidence that others share this dreamworld of ours. As you may know, we’ve spent the past four years creating paper crafts and stationery that have their feet firmly planted in this purple-crayoned terra cotta. It’s our playground to be sure, but it also enables us to use a world of creative talent, to pay and promote artists whose talents deserve to be known by the world and you.

If you check out our shop, please, please read the artist bios. They’ll give you insights into what makes them creative, and what inspired them to create the art we asked for.

But you too, dear, dear reader, also believe. For those who have been fierce fans of our paper crafts, your creativity hasn’t ended with that sensory experience. No. Indeed. Many of you have created your own imaginary worlds, using our crafts and your own found characters and art. So many of you…from artists to Intel employees. It makes my heart happy to see that we all want to take that trip to our most creative selves, even in this technology-driven age.

Take a peak at some of the little worlds you’ve created. It’s inspired us greatly to create crafts classic to what we have been doing, but also story related.

And please keep them coming! We plan on opening guess pins if you’re interested in having your world featured. Just contact us: hello at fotocrush dot com.


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I’m the creator and founder of several Portland-bound companies—from the old Curiosity Group and Scout Creative, to the newly spun off Crush Creative and its sister company, Foto Crush (our stationery and photo card product line). The Souls blog series is based on my love of all things creative.

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