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When it comes to taking photos, light is ALWAYS your best friend. Here are 4 illuminating photography tips by expert image taker, Candace Sheets.


#1 Shoot at ‘Golden Hour’

‘Golden hour’ is the hour before and after sunset (or sunrise). The light is really beautiful; it has that warm, soft, golden hue; and the shadows are long. Take your camera off of Auto White Balance, and your subjects will glow.


#2 Find Some Open Shade

If you’re shooting in the afternoon, find some open shade under a tree or next to a building, to avoid the harsh mid-day sun.


#3 Get the Bluest Sky

Shoot with your back to the sun to get the bluest sky.


#4 Dare to Flare!

Set your camera to Aperture Priority (AV); increase your aperture to f/16 or higher; increase your ISO to 400; and your camera will pick the Shutter Speed for you (meter on your subject, not the sun). Shoot at the sun—sun flare.

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