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A few years ago, I was hiring a big resume from San Francisco…MTV, Sega, Ubisoft, etc. He reminded me of Adam Sandler (who, as it turns out, he went to school with)—quick witted, ironically funny, a glass half empty kinda guy with a steely look in his eyes that often caused uneasy moments.

After finalizing an offer, he told me how all of his east coast friends were saying “Man, you’re moving to Portland? That’s creative mecca.” They pondered the idea as if we were an urban myth, only reserved for really lucky people and unicorns.

I think our reputation for bouncing-off-the-walls creativity comes from Portland’s limitless promise to “Keep Portland Weird.” It could also be from the rain.

And this is just the beginning. Though we who live here are use to it, Portland’s ideas are spreading: That work needs to be fueled by a creative passion to be worthy…home life needs to be part of that balance… and, above all, individuality must shine through and be respected.

We have always been of the mind, by encouraging other passions, our creative talent is that much more artistic at work. Creativity is a funny thing. It can so quickly downgrade to templated production or artistic rip-off, when outlets for dreaming, sketching and inspiration are ruthlessly missing.

In fact, two of my former employees (Dave Selden and Dale Bayse) have found their own creative heavens, and I’m happy to have been part of their journey by encouraging them to feed their creative souls inside and outside of work.

We are only on the cusp of a worldwide creative community takeover, and it’s nice to know that Portland, our edible little tart of a city, will be leading the charge.


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I’m the creator and founder of several Portland-bound companies—from the old Curiosity Group and Scout Creative, to the newly spun off Crush Creative and its sister company, Foto Crush (our stationery and photo card product line). The Souls blog series is based on my love of all things creative.