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A Creative Life, Part 1

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I’m in awe of the gift of creativity…a feeling that’s never gone away. I’m like a little kid who got to run away and join the circus. A 15-year journey of awesomeness.

So I thought I’d share some of the ideas and musings I’ve collected over time. Insights from the inside, starting with…


My favorite part is the battle for creative integrity. What happens when artistic minds collaborate—the rebels and the dreamers wrestling with and conquering an idea to make it express its own artistic attitude.

Jack White said it best…

I keep guitars that are, you know, the neck’s a little bit bent and it’s a little bit out of tune. I want to work and battle it and conquer it and make it express whatever attitude I have at that moment.”

 Think of it as a scale. A scale of awesomeness. Level 1: It’s an idea other’s have discovered—it can even be trend forward, but it’s out there already thriving. Level 2: You take that idea and add your own spin. Brightens it up, sure, but it still lives in familiar territory. Level 3: You use that idea as a foundation to leap. You turn everything upside down, inside out. You have a hope, just a hope, of touching the hand of originality, legacy, and awesomeness.

What makes a rock star? Think about it. Rock stars live amongst us—Chefs, Athletes, Musicians (of course) and in the creative space, we often refer to them as Creative Directors. It’s their ability to fearlessly apply their own unique view of the world into their work.
All comes into play…background, childhood, inspirations past & present…and how they think. One of my favs is Childspeak—a way of creatively looking at, and developing ideas from, a child’s perspective.
The commonality of all rock stars is an unrelenting curiosity and a burning desire to remake the world in their own vision—they hear, see or feel a world that does not exist, and when that vision is shared, it changes the way people think.
It takes a lot of confidence, belief, and an unflinching commitment to constantly challenge yourself. To be a child of observation. It’s not so much cerebral as it is empathetic, which is why so many creative minds are also tortured ones. They feel everything and have the ability to articulate it.

There is genius in the absurd. The irreverent. The quirky. You can always tame an out there idea, but it’s virtually impossible to elevate a so-so one. Lipstick on a pig, people. Lipstick on a pig.
Especially today, as our underground creative revolution is made up of people who embrace uniqueness. We’re tired of the slickly over produced. We want something real and raw. And we’ll love it even more for its flaws and imperfections.
Tell us. What’s your creative inspiration? 
Next time: What happens when you lose everything? A story of creative redemption.


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I’m the creator and founder of several Portland-bound companies—from the old Curiosity Group and Scout Creative, to the newly spun off Crush Creative and its sister company, Foto Crush (our stationery and photo card product line). The Souls blog series is based on my love of all things creative.