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Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt Holiday Animation

We’ve had so much fun…too much fun really…with a holiday animation that we’re so very proud of.

It’s rare when you make a client connection where there is collaboration and complete trust. The fine folks at Schwabe allowed us to take part in a risky venture—to stand out (and above) the crowd of typical, law firm holiday greetings. Even better, the gamble paid off big time.

SERVICES: Concepting, script, writing, kid wrangling, art direction, illustration, sound and animation (includes: video, email, SM promos and home page).

Lindsey McReynolds, Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt

“To say the response from the e-card has been overwhelmingly positive would be an understatement.  Clients, friends of the firm and referral sources love the card!  They have sent emails and left voicemails for our attorneys just to comment on how unique, clever and creative our card is compared to the countless of other cards they receive from professional service firms. We greatly appreciate your skill and creativity, but also your can do attitude and persistence to get this project done so well under a tight timeframe.  It was a joy working with you and we cannot wait to do so again next year. Thank you again!!! ”


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